I moved out west after high school and met my friend Eric out there.  We share the same birthday August 10, 1980.  We became friends and both wanted to start doing bar-b-q.  We built some custom smokers and would try out some different ideas and recipes with that.

We started making our own bar-b-q sauce and decided to call it 8-10-80 after our birthday.  We had developed a few different kinds that we were making in Colorado mostly for friends and family. Some were more traditional like  Sweet N’ Smokey and Hot N’ Spicy.  While others were a little out of the ordinary like Cinnamon Wine, Blueberry, and Four Pepper.  We worked for over two years to develop the recipes to these sauces.

We ended up both moving to Wisconsin for a short time to see where that would take us.

A couple years ago I moved back to the area where I am from and met up with high-school friend Rick who shared the same passion for cooking as me.  At that time he started a catering company called r1ck’s Roaming BBQ and since then he and I have been operating that business.

Over the past year I  have gotten my sauce distributed locally thru Nelson Farms that is associated with Morrisville College here in Central New York.  What was the Sweet N’ Smokey sauce has now been re-branded as 8-10-80 Original.

In the Spring of 2012, I have purchased a mobile trailer in which I will be able to set up a road side Bar-b-q stand.

With the help of friends and family, Rick and I are always coming up with new ideas and plans.

Our mission statement is to provide you with the best quality foods with homemade well planned and prepared dishes. We take pride in developing the best options with the best quality ingredients and everything we do is homemade from our sides and sauces to our homemade BBQ sauce.